Vanellope von Schweetz: a Halloween costume


How was your summer?  Good & safe, I hope.  Ours was pretty darn magical. *get in here unicorn emoji*  

School started last month, then the crisp morning air arrived, then the leaves started to fall.  Colorado is becoming blanketed in crunchy golden-hued layers.  Quinn is launching herself into leafy piles from ridiculously high spots in our backyard & asking "Who's Donald Trump, Mommy?" & I'm trying to find the right words & thinking of how election day can't come quickly enough & how weird this year has been for America & omg the clowns, why?!

Speaking of Donald Trump clowns, Halloween costumes have been on my mind.  I never posted Quinn's costume from last year, so I'm doing it now.  OK?  OK!  Wreck It Ralph was a fun Disney movie we watched with her last year & she was enamored by the mischievous, strong-willed, candy-embellished character Vanellope von Schweetz.  I think she sensed they were soul sisters. (There were some parts of the movie that we skipped over because honestly, she was a bit young for it.)  

Of course she wanted to be Vanellope for Halloween last year.  Of course I got giddy putting all the elements together:

*mint-green hoodie from Target (I added the characteristic hot pink stitches)
*chocolate "peanut butter cup wrapper" tulle skirt (Amazon)  
*whimsical tights (ebay)
*boots (Uggs, already owned).  
*hair accessories (licorice "scrunchie"; gummy bears & peppermint barrettes; candy dots--actually stickers from Hobby Lobby; star/heart stickers)

The hair!  It was the best part.  After watching some hair tutorials on youtube, I wrapped Quinn's ponytail with a Twizzler that I had threaded with a pipe cleaner & she went to town with adorning her hair with the candy barrettes we had made, plus stickers.  A gigantic glitter lollipop ($3 Hobby Lobby) & all hail the Princess of Sugar Rush (or President as the feisty Vanellope preferred to be called).

Image result for vanellope von schweetz hair

Quinn helped me coat the candy with clear nail polish to make them less sticky, then I hot glued them to barrettes. (Those are not my tiny little hands.)

Have a happy, safe Halloween!  
Stay away from Donald Trump scary clowns!

Quinn's Big Girl Room

Thank you, friends, for your comforting & caring words for Quinn in my previous post!  She's almost 100% healed up.  I'm almost done replaying the incident over & over in my head ;-)

Has this been a brutal winter for anyone else?  We've had the sickies on and off since November.  I'm typing this as Quinn sleeps....after having emptied the contents of her stomach for the third time (apparently a stomach bug is sweeping thru her preschool).  But blossoms are springing from buds all over the trees in our neighborhood & the temps are climbing.  Spriiiing!  Allll the alllllerrrrgiiiess!

I didn't mean to take so long to post Quinn's room updates.  Not that anyone was waiting with bated breath (why weren't you).  I chatted about the plan here & I'm sure it'll keep evolving.....but it sure is a happy little space right now.  There's a subtle & whimsical woodland tone to it & it's all over the map but most importantly, Quinn adores the elements.  The stars of the show are the feather butterflies by Jenni Kayne for Pottery Barn Kids.  Quinn stuck them on the wall & I let them lay where they landed (!!!!).  Who am I these days??  She broke me ;-)

If you've been around here for a while (thank you), you might recognize some things from when this was in nursery mode.  I re-purposed what I could.  {Source list at bottom.}

I was inspired to DIY a copper & jute plant hanger using this easy tutorial.
The supplies were found at The Home Depot.  Speaking of, when I need an item from that store I just: search for it on their website, note the aisle/bay number it's in at my local store, & text it to myself.
In, out, done.

Does your child insist on obsessively lining up her/his little fuzzy friends on the bed every night, too?
Asking for a friend.

Painted part of a frame; popped in a favorite quote (by Kate Forsyth).
I was about to take down the feather decals when Quinn insisted they stay.

feather butterflies / sconce / felt ball garland (locally made) / 
Folkland pillow / ruffle crochet duvet / 
superhero sheets (Zara Home-sold out) / 
IKEA Minnen bed (ETA: we opted for a low-profile boxspring + standard twin mattress setup from a local mattress store, instead of the thinner IKEA mattress in the product pic)/ 
clear book ledges (Quinn's are from 2011) / water hyacinth basket (Michael's) /
  tree stump table / heart shelf (Target-sold out) 
wall color: Benjamin Moore Grant Beige

Thank you for stopping by!