Link Love

Spring is in the air, I can practically smell it. 
Though here in Colorado, a spring snowstorm or two always awaits.  Last Easter, we were blasted with so much snow that our neighborhood egg hunt had to be cancelled.  
We all joked about doing this:
It wouldn't surprise me if there were still snow on the ground.

Anyway, thoughts & things:

Gray's house is so full of color & fun!

The Glorification of Motherhood.  I have a love/hate relationship with social media (don't we all).

Trying to decide on new bedside lights for our master between this this & this.

Cannot wait for this Target collaboration!  Mine are still going strong five years on.

It's all about the textures in this neutral home.

Quinn received a makeup set recently & of course I freaked when I read this article.  Asbestos?!?  I threw out that set & got her this & this instead.  It's not cheap & a bit messier, but much safer.  Yeesh 😒

My hostess-extraordinaire friend Misty threw an incredible Super Bowl party (this post was meant to be published last month lol) & I made these yummy bites.

Quinn's helping me make this happen for our St. Patrick's Day gathering.

Hope spring treats you well, friends!

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