Hallelujah, we have an un-gross hallway!

We thought, oh, we could get the hallway totally re-done in no time. Wrong!! Even the smallest areas take way more time and sweat than we originally thought.

We've replaced the ugly old ginormous globes that were what the previous owner supposedly called lighting fixtures. *shiver* More like a graveyard for dead insects and *gasp/gag* mice poop, is what I discovered when we unscrewed the first globe. I think I threw up a little in my mouth. The new wall sconces are now installed. The hubby replaced all the old yellowing switchplates with new white ones. So now I can flip on a switch and know that there isn't any weird stuff lurking in the light fixtures.

Then it was on to replacing all of the '80's fake wood doors. What a difference that made. You'd think this was an easy task, but hanging doors is one hell of a chore! The hubby was utilizing every swear word he knew during the process. Plus the linen closet's dimensions are odd and that made finding that narrow of a door impossible. So we opted for painting the existing door white instead.
Of course, painting the INSIDE of all the closets was also a must considering the horrible state they were in.

Finally, the smoke alarm had to be replaced. A non-working, yellow with age decrepit old thing, it had to go.

It was all worth it in the end, we think!!

Note: in case you're wondering, we took care of the mice situation long before we even moved in, when we de-contaminated the place so don't be all grossed out =)

Hallway BEFORE

Hallway AFTER


  1. Wow I love the updates! It's so modern now!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the floors, the crisp white paint, and the wall color.

    Which, speaking of...do you know the color of the wall color?? It's fab!

  3. The wall color with the bright white doors looks great! Nice job!

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words, ladies!!!

    Caitlin, that's exactly what we were going for-modern!

    Joi, the wall color is Valspar Wild Hawk but I had HD colormatch it with Behr. We love it--it's kind of a grayish olive color.

    Katie, I just saw from the Nest the other day that you're renovating luxury condos. They look fabulous!!

  5. what a difference!

    we have those lovely cheap-o wood doors in our house too. the previous owner at least had the forsight to paint the outside ... but now we have bi-colored ugly doors! sheesh.

  6. LOL @ bi-colored doors. Don't you ever wonder what the heck the previous owners were thinking? Some of the "improvements" done on our place were hardly improving anyone's life =)

  7. It looks wonderful! I absolutely love the color, too.

  8. Thanks fioretta! We're very happy with the color =)


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