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I adore the blogs I have listed to the left and am a faithful reader of them all. If you have an opportunity to peruse them, I promise you won't be disappointed =)

I also adore the color blue, but it's such a tricky color to work with, especially paint-wise. Today I have a new blog crush (the hubby thinks I'm lame for crushing on blogs).

By way of a fabulous forum called Decorpad (which is a fantastic site started by Suzie, aka chicmuse/Nestie booboo2000, for discussion on decorating topics and such--plus everyone's so wonderfully helpful), Michael posted a blogsite called House of Turquoise which consists of so many inspiring interior design photos centered around the color blue. Every shade of blue is featured here!

I especially love these rooms:

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  1. I am loving those new blogs he posted as well! :-)


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