New kitchen scheme

So I think I'm scrapping my blue kitchen idea. It's just too blue for me. I'm going to repaint with Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue (6198), which is the color shown in the lower half of the room shown here (thanks, NP_SF for posting these on DP during the "Sears kit homes" convo).

We're also thinking honed slate tile floors similar to these:

And I just had to blog about these countertops--they are exactly what we're lusting after. It's a little hard to see but there's delicate white veins and striations throughout the slab. Beautiful shade of what I'm probably (incorrectly) calling "light charcoal gray". I can't tell if it's granite, soapstone, limestone, or marble? From House Beautiful.



  1. Love the idea!!! I'm a little blue-ed out myself. The gray will be the perfect neutral to accent it with any color or just to keep it simple and monochromatic.

  2. I really love it! I am loving the duel-toned paint job for my guest room too ;)


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