Color #2: Kitchen

I finally finished painting our kitchen. This is Round #2, as I wasn't happy with the first color (see below). You'd think such a small space would take no time at all. But nope, all those little edges and corners were so frustrating.

This kitchen has a long way to go but I do love the color, it's a muted grayish-blue. Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue 6198. The paint chip showed more of a gray tone and with the first coat it had a greenish cast to it. By the next day, it evolved to a blue undertone (I had even primed over the old color beforehand). So ironically, after I had given up on the blue idea, I found the shade of blue I was looking for.

Next up: new countertop, sink/faucet, tiled backsplash, paint windowsill, and new flooring.

with out the flash
with the flash

This is the not so pretty "before" pic *shudder*:

And this was the 1st color attempt:


  1. You know how much I love this paint and your kitchen!

  2. That final color looks SO perfect in that kitchen! Nice work!!

  3. The blue-grey looks really nice! Looks great with the white cabinets.

  4. Looks so good! Your blog is so fun! I am really enjoying it!

  5. Awww, thank you everyone for your kind words!

    Jesse, thx for the blog compliment =) Just visited yours--you have SUCH an adorable family. Too cute for words!!

  6. Wow--your "after" is so impressive! Love that color! Looks like the perfect grey-blue shade. Nice work--you should be proud!


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