Outfit du jour

Every season I have a favorite outfit. My "go-to" outfit of the moment happens to be all white. Maybe it's because my decorating dream is to have an all-white room. Since that's not going to happen pratically-speaking, I have been vicariously living out this dream via my wardrobe--casual-comfy-chic is my motto =)

white Target gauze skirt

gold NY & Co. flip flops

And since I had a Banana Republic gift card burning a hole in my purse, I couldn't resist this gold cuff. I *heart* The Republic.


  1. I was recently invited to an all white garden party and have started fretting about what to wear. This looks so perfectly comfortable that maybe I need to rethink the whole uber-dressy route...

  2. Hi ambika,
    How fun! You could totally dress this outfit up a little more for a garden party (strappy heels/wedges, more jewelry).

    Love the creativity on your blog BTW!!

  3. I bought those flip flops too. Its been too cold to wear them so far but they are super cute.

    I could never pull off all white - Im too clumsy :)

  4. MrsL, I'm a total klutz. Love white but it never fails that I'll be near chocolate, marinara sauce, or red wine. Bleach is my BFF =)


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