Thinking ahead

I'm already thinking ahead to Memorial Weekend in terms of all the house projects we can tackle. The hubby has no idea what's in store for him =)

One project is to tackle our office. Until we get the lower level of the house finished with a guest room, this office also has the dual purpose of being the guest room. So I would love for it to look chic for our guests as well as housing the desk and computer. I've been hanging on to the inspiration photo below that I got from
Point Click Home via DecorPad.

I love this design more for its colors and patterns than its practicality, like lack of storage. The hubs works from home a lot and I can already hear him whining about how he can't write his work reports in such a girly room. WHATEV.

The only step I've taken towards this vision is to paint the walls this luscious gray. I used Valspar Coastal Villa, which is a pretty close match. Our wood floor is also similar to this room's.
And so the office has sat for 4 months, patiently waiting for us to make it pretty. I'd like to get a a similar desk, rug, and accessories. Maybe a
capiz chandelier, in white, in place of the more traditional one pictured. The ladies over at DecorPad have turned me onto this lovely idea!

Hopefully my translation of this design won't totally suck. Any suggestions, or if you've seen similar accessories around, are welcome!! Crossing my fingers that I'll be able to post pics after this weekend.


  1. I can't wait to see photos! I know you'll do an awesome interpretation of this room! How about that black dining room table from Target that was so similar to the desk in this photo?

  2. I love it! I have a black desk, furniture, and gray walls in my office, too! Once again, great minds think alike! :)

    and p.s. i shipped the mirrors out this morning--you should expect them in 5 days they said!

  3. This photo is beautiful but I think the big wing chair wouldn't make a very practical desk chair. You'd ruin the floors pulling it in and out all the time.

  4. Great idea S! I'll have to look at that--didn't even think of using a DR table. The only thing is storage...perhaps a couple of floating shelves will cure that.

    Thx J! Can't wait to get the mirrors =) Would love to see pics of your office too.

    MrsL-I completely agree about the chair! Not practical, unless there's a rug under it to protect the floors. The chair is one of those things I'll have to change. Knowing the hubby, he'll want an ergodynamic chair!


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