My fingernails are gross

Note to self: Self, next time you paint something black, wear gloves!
I tackled our dining room table yesterday and am pretty happy with the results.
Until we splurge for our "grown-up" furniture, this will do just fine.

Hmmm , might need to invest in a table runner to break up all that black. And maybe a rug?

The Spanish blown glass vase I scored for 8 buckaroos at HomeGoods. Sweeeet!

So similar to these Napa vases from Z Gallerie that I've been lusting after:

What I did:
1. Lightly sand the table.
2. Wipe off dust with a damp cloth.
3. Applied a primer coat using a small, sponge roller (Kilz Gripper Primer)
4. Once that dried (1 hr), applied 3 coats of semi-gloss black paint using a new sponge roller. Allowed only 30 min. between each coat since I did not use an oil-based paint.
5. Let dry overnight. Applied a protective polyurethane coat, but this kind of roughed up the finish a bit an dried a little unevenly. So I had to lightly sand the imperfections and reapply the poly coat. Wonder if the spray version would have provided a smoother finish?


  1. it looks great! and I think a rug and table runner would definitely help to break up all that black.

  2. Great job, fc! Love it and I think a rug would complet the look!

    And, what is the color of your dining room? I love it!

  3. Looking good.

    I think a rug would be a great way to lighten up the area.

    Love the vase!!

  4. Looks fantastic. I have been looking for a table to paint.

  5. Looks so good! What color did you use on your walls? Love that too!

  6. Thanks for your compliments and suggestions, everyone! I'm on the lookout for a runner and rug to lighten things up a bit. Stay tuned!

    Joi & Jesse, the DR color is Valspar Arid Plains. A cappucino-taupe color w/ some gray undertones. Highly recommend it =)

  7. Wow!! Looks great--your hard work really paid off!


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