I think I have Remodeling Impatience Disorder (RID). Hubby and I will start doing a room, then I lose patience with that room and wander off to start another room in the house. This tends to happen over the course of a weekend. As a result, no room is actually done...The good news about our house (that we moved into 7 months ago) is that it's at the point where it just needs updating throughout. The thorough cleaning, disnfecting, and ridding of pests has been done. The whole lower level is another story. It's completely unfinished. We have big plans for it: an entertainment/man room, guest ensuite, storage closets, and pimped out laundry room.

Back to my RID. Instead of actually DOING, I while away my time by IMAGINING how I want the room to look. For example, the kitchen isn't done, but I've now set my sights on the bathroom. It's small and we're not changing its size (this isn't our forever home) and it needs everything from a new toilet to new fixtures.

As Mr. FC put it, it needs to be hit over and over again with the Updating Stick

Inspired by the Queen of Idea Boards aka Bryn, here's my vision:

Nothing fancy. Just updated and pleasant enough so that I can be in there without gagging at the ugliness.

Here's the outdated/icky BEFORE. Trust me, it's far worse IRL. Stained laminate counter, stained off-white toilet, '80's oak everywhere, cracked mirror, & cracked globe lights.


  1. Gorgeous! I love that mirror. Where did you find it?
    And, I definitely have RID too.

  2. Lookin' good, girl! I love your ideas!

    The mirror you picked out is super similar to the ones I just switched to from World Market!

  3. I love everything you picked out! Where is the table from?

  4. Erin~the mirror's from William Sonoma Home, but there are other versions out there. I love the style but not so in love w/ the WS Home price!
    (Hey, you're Nestie ChiOCutie, right? Congrats on becoming a Dr.!)

    Joi~I know! I need to get outta your head =)I wish WM still has them, I checked the store and the website =(

    Suzie~ Believe it or not, the vanity is from Home Depot! It looks even better IRL.


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