I've been tagged, this time by the lovely Erin from House of Turquoise (amongst her other fabulous blogs)! Not gonna lie, I love being tagged. It's like getting picked to be on Homecoming Court =)

Here Are the Rules: Answer the following questions about yourself. At the end of the post you pass on the questions to 6 other bloggers and list their names. Then write them a comment telling them that they've been tagged and ask them to read your blog----> I'm totally breaking this rule b/c hopefully the bloggers I've picked will read this post and know they've been tagged! Or is it just laziness on my part?

1. What did you do 10 years ago?
Was just finishing up my freshman year of college. Loved college and all it had to offer. I went home for the summer that first year knowing I had made 2 of the best friends I will ever have. Indeed! 10 yrs later, we're scattered across the country, but still talk. And we've all made it into each other's weddings.

2. Five items on your to-do list today:
I have the day off so:
1) Fold laundry
2) Go on a long hike with my dog, the Hiro Monster
3) Update my e-address book
4) Start painting the bathroom
5) Dust
(I know, exciting, right?)

3. Snacks I enjoy:
any snack mix of the salty variety
Swedish fish candy (to balance out the salt)
edamame (to ease my guilt about all the salt & sugar, tee-hee)

4. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Pay off our student loans; give to charity; give some $ to the 'rents so they can retire; then TRAVEL!!

5. Places I would live:
Oregon, San Francisco, Vancouver.....but I love it here in Colorado right now--300 sunny days a year! Can't complain =)

6. Bloggers I am passing the challenge onto are:
OK, I'm tagging mostly bloggers whom I haven't tagged before.........I appreciate their loyal reading of/commenting on my little ol' blog.......and yes I broke the rule of 6.
fioretta, joi, teresa, MrsLimestone, amy, wanderluster, G&D

You know I heart you all & your blogs, so no pressure to participate!! ;)


  1. Do share--what color is the bathroom going to be??

  2. Thanks for the tag FC! I've passed the tag on :)

  3. Better late than never, I hope! Just saw the tag (and just responded). Thanks for thinking of me, girl! =)


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