These made me smile

What I should be doing: Cleaning the house
What I did instead: Compiled these 3 completely unrelated images that made me smile today

From Jasmine Star's portfolio. Jasmine's an incredibly gifted photographer. I found her blog via another great photographer, Trista Lerit, who used to be a Knottie back from my days on The Knot. Things about this photo that made me smile: the lush gardens & vine-covered archway, the juicy melon color of the dress, the pop of robin's egg blue from the necklace. Such a romantic look.
Peonies! Love peonies so much, my wedding bouquet was comprised of them.
Might just have to plant a peony bush in our backyard.

Hiro during a thunderstorm last week. Terrifed. Frozen. Still as a statue. He stayed like this for hours.
All I could do was laugh at him. Poor guy.


  1. Poor Hiro! LOL! Love peonies!

  2. Nina is now afraid of storms too! I have no idea exactly when this started or why... but lately when one rolls in, she just starts shaking uncontrollably. No whining or crying or anything, just incessant shaking!

  3. Your poor puppy! He looks so pitiful it's sweet!

    Oh-and if I could ever grow some peonies I'd be one happy girl--I just lack a green thumb! :(

  4. I do fine with potted plants but once I've moved to the great outdoors, I'm completely helpless!

    Isn't it funny that they're terrified of storms? Once I found Hiro cowering in the bathtub during a torrential downpour.


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