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Do you ever have a productive weekend, then look back on it and realize that nothing's really blog-worthy? That's my pedicament this Monday morning. What do I post about that's worth reading?!
The Hubs got back into town after a week-long trip to Cali with his best friend, and so we just chilaxed (as the kids say these days). Just got caught up on life--attended a BBQ with friends, took the dog to the groomer, paid bills, went grocery shopping. Can't you just pee from all the excitement?!

Our house progress is at a standstill again until next week. We've lined up a guy to replace some siding that's been subjected to 20 yrs of Colorado dryness and blistering sun. Next, hire someone to paint the whole house. Our house's exterior looks like the lovechild of a mountain cabin and a country cottage.......hey, it was the late 70's.......with vaulted ceilings.....and a weird atrium addition at the front.
How depressing is this picture from last winter, right?

Right now it's a faded, natural wood color with faded, peeling forest green trim. BLECH! So I've been storming the internet for color ideas for this strange hybrid that has spawned our rustic house.
Inspiration 1: Restore the natural wood color and paint trim a fresh white?

Inspiration 2: Go with a completely different color scheme?

Honestly, the part I really can't wait for is choosing a fun color for our front door. Call me crazy, but I'm considering these:


  1. I love the idea of the gray with white trim and either the chartreuse green or turquoise door!

  2. I'm torn! Really the crispness of #1 and the color of #2!

  3. Oh--i just love the doors you picked! It fits perfectly with the style of your home! Can't wait to see what color you pick!

    My hubs and I painted our house last summer all by ourselves {granted it's a one story ranch} but given the chance again I'd hire someone in a heartbeat! And I second Amy's comment above about the color scheme :-)

    Oh and those cushions and furniture from my patio came from Garden Ridge. :-)

  4. Love the color ideas you're considering. I think #1 is my favorite. And it would be so fun to do a pop of color on the door!

  5. i love those door colors - esp. the blue and green.

  6. Thanks everyone! I love reading your feedback! Stay tuned....

    Wow, Joi, talk about a project! We're just too lazy to do the painting ourselves...and ours is basically one level, too. HA! (Wish we had a Garden Ridge around here b/c I love your patio furniture.)

  7. You should see Design Mom's front door, it's so cute. Just search for porch or door at


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