You'd think that after 9 months, there couldn't possibly be another box to unpack in our new house. I mean, you could give birth to a child after that amount of time....but completely finish unpacking a few boxes?

So, I was unpacking a box marked "Sentimental Crap". I kid you not; it's in my handwriting but I have no recollection of writing that. This is what happens when you pack for a move with a bottle of merlot close by. Anyway, I came across our wedding album, my dried & shriveled bouquet, and the CD of the songs that were played during the ceremony. We didn't have a traditional wedding, so naturally our choice of ceremony music was more of a reflection of ourselves.....sooooo not traditional =)

So in order to make this post all about moi (tee-hee), just thought I'd share the song that played during my walk down the aisle. It's one of my favorites.

Ben Harper's "Forever" (please ignore the cheesy video itself, courtesy of YouTube):


  1. I can totally imagine you walking down the aisle to that! What a perfect song!

    I've never even heard it before...I LOVE it. I'm going to go download it now!

  2. F_C!!

    Add another thing to the list of similarities....hehe!

    This is my husband's and mine first dance song!

    We got married in Hawaii and it's also the background song on our video!!!!!!

    I told you great minds think alike

    : )

  3. beautiful song! thank you for sharing!


  4. Lol at sentimental crap! Sometimes that's too fitting!

    What a great song choice!

  5. Beautiful song choice. :) And you're funny... Husband and I would totally title one of our boxes like that. In fact we have some stuff stored in bins down in our basement that I KNOW we assigned goofy titles to... might have to check them and post that just for you. ;)

  6. I love your non-traditional aisle song, it's perfect.

    I'm back and catching up on my blogging and I tagged you if you want to play along and haven't already been tagged!

  7. This song will always make me a bit misty-eyed =)

    Thanks for the tag, Em!

    You KNOW I would adore you even more if you did a post on that!! I'll be on the lookout.


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