So I finally got around to planting the herb seeds I picked up eons ago. And look, now they're starting to sprout! I wanted to use these white glazed pots I saw at HomeGoods but my gardening friends recommended I use terra cotta ones because they're porous (more herb-friendly and condusive to growing).

When it comes to herbs, it's simple: lots of water & sunshine. I think next time I'll buy the plants from Whole Foods and pot them. I'm way too impatient when it comes to seeds. I'd love to mix in a pot of chives and another of thyme.

I am such a nerd, I named them. Here's an exciting photo of Senor Cilantro and Signora Basil.
She's kind of a late bloomer.


  1. I love that you named them!

  2. Tee-hee. I think it boosted their confidence =)

  3. Awww! I want to do this too! Thanks for the idea, FC!


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