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I stumbled into a Papyrus store a few years ago, looking for wedding invitation ideas. It's been one of my favorite stores ever since. The cards carry so much detailing: vellum petals, jewel embellishments, letterpress designs. It's like paper porn for those who love beautiful notecards and stationary. I love email more than food sometimes, but nothing compares to putting pen to paper.

I forgot how much I adore this store, until I stopped in to pluck these off the shelves for a friend's 30th birthday I'm helping to plan:

Some other pretties:

I also couldn't resist these cards with the leaf motif done in a letterpress method:

By the way, if you love notecards as much as I do, check out a favorite blogger of mine, fioretta's etsy shop. Her work is lovely!


  1. Absolutely beautiful little things! I'd be so worried that by writing on them that I would ruin them!

  2. I LOVE Papyrus. We got our wedding invitations there!

  3. ahh yes but Bliss on Pearl St is soo much better...

  4. and this place is REALLY cool!

  5. Leah~I know! I've thought about framing some of their stuff b/c it's too pretty to write on.

    Suzie~So did we!!

    Anon.~I haven't been into Bliss on Pearl St in ages!! I could spend hours in there. Esp. loved all the little trinkets they carry--so unique! It's like you've walked into a different world once you're there.

  6. I buy all of Heimer's cards there!

  7. I second Leah.Maria - I'd be scared to write on them! So pretty.

    PS - We're neighbs! I work in Boulder and live in Broomfield, love that area.

  8. Em~
    I work in Boulder, too! Wish we could actually afford a house in that area but house prices are a bit ridiculous there.


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