Twisty Traditional

So after numerous sleepless nights (no, not really), I threw all my previous notions out the window this weekend. I'm referring to my quest for a dining room light, of course. After months of waffling between modern and traditional; glam and casual; drum pendant or chandelier.........I made an impulse Home Depot of all places.

The fixture I purchased is not super unique or designer-esque but I actually really like it. Maybe even really love it. Nothing wrong with mixing design styles, right? Because our dining room (well, it's more of a dining area since we have an open floor plan) looks quite contemporary-casual, I've been veering towards a more "traditional-formal with a twist" light fixture.

So I was on my usual weekend visit to Home Depot when I spied this shiny little number. Its candelabra chandelier style is traditional-looking, but its brushed nickel finish is a bit unexpected, modern, and adds the touch of sparkle I was craving. Better yet, it puts out a TON of light (6 60-watt bulbs), but once we hit the dimmer switch, the mood lighting is impeccable.

Plus it was $40 on clearance. We originally allotted $300 for a light fixture, so the Husband practically knocked over an old couple while running to the checkout lane with it, before I could change my mind for a more expensive fixture.

Hmmm, may have to lower it a bit,
but don't want to obstruct the view to the backyard.
Hey, anything's an improvement over what was there before:

Here it is, mocking us:


  1. Looks great! Can't beat 40 buckaroos for a light fixture - wow!

    LOL-ing at the face on the old light. : D

  2. I can't get over how cheap your light was...i actually left the blog and had to come back to say -

    WAY TO GO!

  3. Great job on beating budget!!
    I would agree that you need to lower it a bit though - I haven't found ours is obtrusive at all to our view.

  4. It's perfect! And I love the white drapes against the black furniture-very crisp and clean!

  5. I wouldn't worry about it obstructing your's dainty. A "typical" height for chandeliers is approx. 36" above your table top.

  6. I'm so gald you found one you really like! And the pricetag??? Well, who can argue with that??

    Lovely, FC!

  7. Good job!! Wow. And I agree...Try it lower temporarily to live with it for a few days (and at a couple of different heights, if it's not too much of a pain) to see what you think. Take pics and compare. Come to think of it, take pics and compare them *here* so we can see! :-)

  8. Beautiful choice--I love it! And you can't beat $40. Wow!

  9. As always, thank you to all for your kind words and advice!

    I think we WILL lower the chandelier a tad. It might not happen for, oh, another few months, seeing as how it took us 7 mo. to even find a light we like =)


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