Weekends should be 3 days long.......

Life's spinning out of control and I find myself with not enough hours in the day/weekend. Eeek. Sorry for the boring post but I can barely lift my fingers and this is why:

1. We had guests from Phoenix stay with us for part of the week. They were so much fun and PERFECT guests. They and the Husband go way back so.....there was a lot of drinking and reminiscing happening. Even I started to think I grew up with all of them. I blame the wine and margaritas.

2. We hosted a little get together for them and some other friends. There was mass consumption of alcoholic beverages at this gathering........

3. .....hence I was up early cleaning (doncha love cleaning BEFORE and AFTER a party?) the house. How did wine bottles end up in the bushes and why is someone's flip-flop in the tree?! Klassy.

4. The Hubs and I spent the rest of the weekend "de-mulching" our landscape and shoveling 3 tons of newly delivered black granite gravel in our attempts to "zero-scape" some of our landscaping. Hey, when you live in a dry, sunny climate like we do, a lush lawn is not always an option!

So, until I have pretty pics to post, this one will do. Makes me want to paint a room crisp white and then add pops of berry accents:


  1. love the pic. sounds like an absolute perfect weekend - flip flop and all.

  2. sounds like your weekend was great!

  3. I know how you feel. Great weekend with great friends, what more could you ask for, right?

    Love the white too! : )

  4. I love how stories, and well wine and margaritas, can so vividly recreate the memories.

    I'm really interested in your zeroscaping!

  5. Booze bottles and articles of clothing left in the front yard...now that's a party ;)

  6. LOL! In the tree, really? You crazy, girl!

  7. What can I say? I love my wine =)

    You know fun has been had by all when someone loses an article of clothing.....and went home w/out retrieving it.


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