Bed mates

Our espresso wood platform bed has been quite lonely. Before you start thinking dirty thoughts (perhaps I was the only one?) I'm referring to the fact that we've had it for 3 yrs and it still doesn't have a headboard. Although I've been lusting after something similar to this Restoration Hardware upholstered headboard for the past year, it's a bit pricey and I don't even want to think about its potential for being a dog hair magnet.

While wandering around the house, I realized that we own a piece of wall art from Pier 1 that bears a striking resemblance to this geometric headboard from West Elm. It just needed a couple coats of espresso spray paint. I think now it could possibly pass for West Elm Headboard's sibling (or at least its cousin). I know it doesn't look like much now, but hopefully once I get fluffy pillows on the bed, it'll "anchor" the piece visually.
While DH was enjoying the Broncos v. GB Packers pre-season game in his company's luxury skybox (but I'm not bitter....wait, yes I am), I spent my Friday evening giving this little darling its extreme makeover:

Excuse the naked was laundry day at the Freckles Chick household. I did finally got around to painting the bedroom walls a toffee color, although the color looks a bit washed out in this photo. It's warmer and richer in real life. (Mr. FC couldn't see the difference between it and the dining area's color, go figure. ) The name? Behr's Toffee Crunch, of course =)


  1. Aren't you clever! I love it, I think with pillows propped up, it will be perfect. Consider this an official request for After photos.

  2. I like actually looks great!!!

  3. OMG! I love it! You design guru, you! It is so fab!

  4. What a great idea FC! Very clever! It looks like it's going to make a great headboard for your bed!

  5. Super it.

    (P.S. I'm slacking on getting my blog award posted on CO...sorry!)

  6. FC---that could be it's twin!

    How crafty are you? And, p.s. I heart all of your paint choices.

    I can't wait to see your room : )

  7. This is cool. I wanted to do something like this with something that I saw at Home Depot but I couldn't find the tape measure today. So I bought some paint instead and painted the kitchen.. (I was bored today)

  8. such a great idea! everyone loves a before and after! enjoying your blog!


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