Blue Monday

I wanted a shot of color in our mostly gray home office, so I chose a shade of blue that was somewhere between Tiffany & Co. and robin's egg for the wall art. After contemplating several ideas, I decided to just keep it simple, quirky, and DIY.

So armed with some craft paper, scissors, a glue stick, and a photocopied version of Hiro's handsome profile (I got the silhouette idea
here, but decided to try my hand at it), I got to work. Of course, I had to have my "Keep Calm" fix so I purchased a postcard-sized version of the ever-so-popular British war era poster from Etsy. Its crisp design aside, I really do appreciate the mantra.

A glimpse of the wall art. Ugh, why must my camera take such crappy photos? The blue's more vibrant in real life, I swear.

Definitely quirky, yes?
****The finished office to come very soon.......I can't seem to find a rug that I'm happy with for this room. All the ones I love are super spendy and I am not willing to spend that much $$$ on a stupid rug! I am so ready to be done with this room. Is one really ever done decorating though?! Not when you change your mind as often as I do.


  1. Quirky but fabulous, I really love the series you put together. Can't wait to see the finished product in its entirety.

  2. oh wow I love this!! Way cool!

    I can't wait to see the office when you're done! :)

  3. My goodness, my Monday is just blue, but your Blue Monday is fabulous!

  4. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing the big office unveil!

  5. Ooooh, girl, it looks great!

    I love the trio you put together and am dying to see your office!

    : )

  6. Love it, can't wait to see the finsihed room! Looking forward to it!

    By the way I used your office inspiration pic for my kitchen.

  7. I still haven't hung my robin's egg color Keep Calm've given me the motivation!

  8. Thanks so much, ladies & Michael =) I'm pleased with how it turned out!

    I love your kitchen transformation. Especially love how you translated that inspiration pic into your own design. That's exactly what I did with the pic for our home office. It's such a versatile design. =)


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