Cheese please

Oh geez, guess who felt the slightest fluttering of baby fever this past weekend? This is our good old friends' adorable little pumpkin. We've known her since birth and if there's ever a little girl who can melt this cold, sarcastic, "what if we don't want kids?" heart of mine, it's this darling princess.

She's so polite that "Cheese" just won't do. It's "Cheese, please" and don't you forget it =)


  1. she looks super sweet!

    Quick - hide the babies lest the fever attaches to the bower power immune system!

    or don't - then I'll have some freckled chick to blame for the swollen feet and morning sickness :)


  2. LOL @ 'bower power immune system'! I swear, it's like a conspiracy w/ our friends lately, bringing out all the babies in hopes of giving us 'the fever'.

    The last thing I want is to be blamed for swollen feet! You can thank me later if that means you can buy cute new shoes =)

  3. Awww-what a doll!

    And, fc-you're gorgeous!

  4. Oh my goodness--how cute!! And you can just tell she's absolutely smitten with you--so adorable.

    And YOU my dear, are gorgeous!!

  5. I'll be sure to pass on your sweet comments to the little pumpkin's parents!

    And you all are too, too sweet....thank you for making my day!!!! (This is me after a sweaty backyard BBQ session in 95 degree weather, so if you can tolerate me in this condition, you're my new BFF's. I swear I clean up real nice =)

  6. I love how the tilt of her head almost looks shy, but you can tell she's absolutely enamored by you!

    I was hoping I'd see some of your freckles! You're beautiful girl, from one freckled chick to another! :)

  7. Thanks, L! And to think, kiddos tend to cry in my presence. Well, that might be an exageration....

    Yay for freckled chicks!! You're one gorgeous beauty yourself, girl =)


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