Faux real

I walked into Target to return a $20 picture frame. And left with an apothecary jar, some faux green apples, and a pair of denim trousers from Express, which was nowhere near Target, but I was already on a spending roll so why not. Oh, hell, how did that happen?

By no means am I the first one to think of this, but here they are displayed.
Goodness is my table just screaming for a table runner or what?
Not that you need another close-up shot of faux apples, but I can't resist.
I know some smirk at faux but if these were real, it would take me weeks to eat this many apples (or lemons or limes). By then I'd have a much worse situation on my hands/table (rotting fruit--I think I just threw up a little in my mouth) than the prospect of my guests ridiculing me for my faux fruit ("Tut, tut. We display ripe kumquats in our apothecary jar.").

Of all the more pressing matters around the house (like knocking out a wall and ripping out a bathroom vanity), I choose this to expend my energy on. I confuse myself sometimes.


  1. No ridiculing here - when it comes to fruit, I prefer faux. I love the punch of green in the apothecary jar - very fresh. If you find a good table runner, post it so I can copy you - my green one is very summery. K great, thanks!

  2. Oooh-you know I'm not hatin'!

    It would be unrealistic in my world to assume that I could manage to switch out fresh fruit all the time---I can barely keep a peace plant alive and those things are supposed to be un-killable!

    Rock your faux fruit, girl!

  3. how simple! I'm going to Taget tomorrow sot that I can have the same look! And...faux last much longer than fresh

  4. Well I'm pretty sure you aleady know about my aversion to real fruit. But faux fruit? Now that's something I can get behind! LOL! I think it looks great! And much more practical than that rotting fruit nonsense. Nice buy!

  5. Looks great! So funny! I was just just eyeing those apples at Target yesterday. Great minds, my friend! :) I just filled a big PB apothecary with lemons for my kitchen and I love the look. I also put a smaller apothecary jar with wine corks on a try on top of my wine fridge. I LOOOOVE me some apothecary decor! :P

  6. There is no way I'd be able to eat that many apples either. I heart apothecary jars. Your table looks great!

  7. oh freckles - love the fruit in a jar!

    I always wanted an apothecary jar -just didn't know what to put in it. And I saw a steal of one at TJM - maybe I will have to make a pitstop there on the way to Goodwill :)

    keep um coming!


  8. They look so amazing in that jar! I LOL so much at the kumquat comment! Ha, you are a trip!

  9. I'm lovin' it! Faux or not, it looks great (and way more practical than a bunch of rotting fruit.)

  10. I think that it looks great... You know that you can find the most amazing apothecary jars (and I mean the huge ones) for like 20 bucks.... TJ Max or Marshalls. Really it's true.

  11. I actually had a bowl of faux pears that I had someone try to take a bite out of because they thought they were real. the apples look great. and apothecary jars are seriously some of the best things ever.


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