He was framed.

I finally framed my olive joom print from Etsy. Thank you Joi for turning me on to joom! I couldn't find the exact frame and mat I envisioned, so I took matters into my own hands. Purchased a frame and some heavyweight linen paper (the kind artists use for charcoal sketches) and proceeded to create my own mat. So easy!

Can you tell I love these white Crate & Barrel vases with the subtle vine imprints? I bought 2 a few months ago but they keep migrating all over the house. They live quite the nomadic existence.

(BTW, joom was a dream to work with and she (he?) even threw in a complimentary blank notecard with a similar bird print on it.)

click to enlarge


  1. Looks awesome - and very impressive framing job. I love that print.

  2. I love that print, fc!

    It looks great with your custom mat!

    : )

  3. Adorable print FC--looks great!

  4. Looks awesome!! I love that you chose to go with a large mat, that isn't symmetrical!!

  5. Ahhh, I love how you frames it, FC!

  6. Thanks so much chicas! I'm really happy w/ how the large asymmetrical mat makes the print a bit more dramatic, too! You know how I love drama =)

  7. I ordered a pillow from Joom (think Joom is a she, btw) and my order was mixed up with someone else's. I went to e-mail Joom and there was already a message waiting for me about the mix up. She took care of everything so quickly and I was really happy with my purchase.

  8. M! Would love to see your Joom pillow =) She really is a dream to work with!


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