In love.......

.....with the Petrie chair and ottoman from Crate & Barrel. Seriously, put a restraining order on me because I am infatuated with the pair:
I was sifting through past C&B catalogs and realized that sure enough, after all these months, I still harbor a burning love for this pair. Here it is in action in Making It Lovely's cozy library.
Beautiful, but alas, not practical for our house due to this hairy monster:


  1. I bought the material for my table runner at Hobby Lobby and had a friend make me the table runner and curtains to match! I looked and looked forever for the perfect black and white and never could find it

  2. Ohhh, I love that chair. I'm in search for the perfect chair for a corner in my master bedroom. Hopefully, I can find something a little less expensive.

  3. Awww! The look on Hiro's face is: "That's right, biatches!" LOL!

  4. Mmmm...that's beautiful! I love the tufting.

  5. Oh, wow...I just got that issue of Home Magazine...too funny.

    Beautiful chair...super cute pooch!

  6. I have been admiring that chair and the matching sofa also! With 3 kids I couldn't do white either!

  7. That is a beautiful chair, you sure Hiro can't learn to keep the fur 5 feet away from it at all times?

  8. OMG S, that's TOTALLY what he's thinking. Like, "I dare you to own anything white, biatches." LMAO!

    Em~ I considered having that talk with him but Hiro's got these "tumbleweed furballs" that fly in the air and just cling to everything =)

    And thx mrs. d--I really love that gorgeous table runner!


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