Putting the labor in Labor Day

We'll actually be laboring this Labor Day weekend. The plan is to tile our kitchen floor (we're going with big charcoal slate tiles) but considering how, uh, "cozy" the space is, it won't be that huge of a task. However, it is our first attempt at tiling anything so this should make for a wacky experience.
Hope your weekend is fabulously relaxing and/or productive!
image courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens


  1. What a gorgeous image for the day!

    I can't wait to see pictures, I hear you on the coziness factor, sh what will you do with 68 hours of your weekend? :)

  2. oh - tiling! i love to tile -there is nothing like tiling to make me get the goosepimples :)

    We did our fireplace a while back in slate - warning - that stuff is DIRTY! I am sure it will look fantastic! Please do before & afters freckles - I am begging!


  3. Good luck with the tiling...can't wait to see how it turns out!

  4. You too! have fun with the tiling!

  5. Oh my goodness--that's quite the project!! I've tiled 2 bathrooms, and after the 2nd one I decided I'm a "hire it out" kinda girl when it comes to tiling. I'd rather spend my energy doing something else. But hopefully you have been luck (and enjoy it more) than I did! Looking forward to seeing the finished result!!

  6. I will post before, during, and after pics for sure! So far it's been a learning experience.

    You are so right, Katie about the slate! We went w/ a ceramic "faux slate" tile instead. Thanks sooo much for the FYI; it saved us a lot of cursing =)

    So far so good, but I don't have a desire to tile another room for a long while.

  7. Hope the tiling went well! Can't wait to see the results.


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