Would love it.........

............... if our bedroom could look like this:

click image to enlarge
Toffee walls, pretty mirrors, luxurious textures, pops of raspberry & bronze.
I'm working on it (and the Husband)........


  1. Wouldn't we all! I could never convince the hubs unfortunately.

  2. Beautiful! I love the raspberry accents and those b&w cubes - I have faith that you can convince the hubs, just look at your great office!

    Yep, we got married in Denver - most of the pictures were at Wash Park between the ceremony and reception.

  3. Beautiful choices, Freckles! Love the b&w cubes and the mirrored side table--gorgeous! And yet--still very manly. In the sense that I would walk into a room like this and think, "Wow! An extremely handsome, incredibly intelligent, and loving husband who is stellar at all things man-related must live here."

    (Think that helps your cause at all?) ;)

  4. FC, I love the mirrored side table. It's gorgeous. The rest is pretty great, too! Good luck convincing your H!

  5. I am loving the blog..I will add it to my collection of "have to's" have to read that is

  6. Thanks for the votes of confidence, all! This was the easy part, coming up w/ the design. Now how to convince Mr. FC?

    Mrs. D~ Welcome! Thanks for your kind words. Hope I won't disappoint =)

    G&D~That's totally my angle. "Honey, there's nothing more manly than a husband who lets his wife decorate w/ pink accents. Now, could I get you a beer to drink whilst I push these damask ottomans into place?"


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