Feeding my addiction

image courtesy of Simply Seleta, my new blog obsession.
Thanks, Suzie for turning me onto this lovely blog =)

Wow, did I have a case of "the
Mondays" yesterday and it looks like today's going to be similar.

Feeling blah and already wishing the weekend was here? Check.
Started 20 different projects at work and completed none of them? Check.
A productive day of not producing? Check.
A day full of indecisive pondering? Check.

So how do I pull myself out of such a mental fog? I don't; I just daydream about pretty things..............this is part of my blog's mission statement, after all. So I wandered over to J. Crew (J. Crack is more like it) to feed my addiction.

Shamelessly longing for these outfits? You betcha. Check.


  1. oooh I love the purple/gray combo or the mustard/gray combo. always perfection.

  2. Love the plum skirt. I might have to cruise by JCrack later to check it out in person. I'm also loving the mustard trend - maybe I should cruise through my mom's clothes from when she was my age, I'm pretty sure she has a lot of mustard somewhere in the basement "costume" department.

  3. J Crack! I love it. Wow, I need to get back on their mailing list. I want every single one of those outfits, including the yellow heels. Very inspiring.

    I really <3 your blog too. Thanks for doing it!


  4. I feel that way too, today! Bleh! Love the cute outfits, can never get enough of J Crack!

  5. Aren't all Mondays suppose to be that way? They are for me! I am loving all the fab outfits, if they would only work in my little world of smeared childrens food. LOL!

  6. Love the last outfits! Oh so pretty!

  7. Hi Freckles Chic! I can be the Queen of Blah on occasion. And boy does a good dose of JCrew cure it, even if it is just a quick fix. LOVE these outfits!!!


  8. Hey Freckles...I'm back from Vegas and I received your prize while I was out of town...will put in the mail this week!

  9. J Crew always amazes me w/ the unexpected color combos they dream up!
    Jbhat~ You made my day with your kind words =) Thanks for dropping by!
    Michael~Thanks! Can't wait to hear about Vegas =)

  10. I am so happy you popped in, Seleta! I adore your lovely blog and you have a beautiful fam! How do you do it all? Martha Stewart has nothing on you =)


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