I swear I used to be shy.

I am so lucky to have blog readers who think I'm cooler than I really am. I'm really just someone who doesn't take life too seriously, as you can probably guess from the 4 things I listed in my post below. Thank you to each of you who took the time to leave a guess! I loved reading your reasons for guessing the way you did. 

And the truth:

1) For Halloween I dressed up as a "Girl Next Door" and Mr. FC was Hugh Hefner.

Sadly, true! (I can hear Dr. Erin cringing as we speak!) Now this is one to show the grandkids, huh? We couldn't hunt down a knock-off of Hef's iconic smoking jacket so Mr. FC is wearing silk ( ahem, women's) PJ's. I made my bunny ears.

Since I'm not what you'd call "chesty", I stuffed my top w/ balled up socks. One of which decided to travel its way south as the night wore on so that it ended up on the kitchen floor. I picked it up, stuffed it right back where it belonged, & continued my conversation with several cheesy appetizers in hand.

It was fun being blonde for a night. Really, I used to be shy. 
2) I won a Karaoke contest for my rendition of Fergie's "My Hump".

False! But I wish this one was true. I've never Karaoke'd in my life (a heroic feat considering my friends have never met a Karaoke Night they didn't like). This actually happened to my BFF during a Girl's Night Out.
*wiping away a tear* We are so proud of her and how far she's come with her accomplishments.

3) I accidently walked into a glass sliding door at a restaurant.

True! I wasn't even tipsy yet. I went thru the doors to go to the restroom & while I was in there, someone closed the glass doors.  When I came back out, I wasn't paying attention.........face first flat up against the glass door. I hit it so hard, it shook. I left a lovely smudgey profile of lipstick and powder on the glass. 

4) I was once in an Abercrombie & Fitch video.

True! What can I say? I was young, naive and needed the money for school. Kidding, I didn't even get paid.  Some of you may already know this, but my first job out of college was managing an A&F store. They were auditioning for the video near where I lived and since I love meeting new peeps, I went for it. It was a short 10 min. video filmed in Estes Park. It was a back-to-school/fall ad so the male models were playing football and I (along w/ another super nice girl) were the "hosts". It was a fun experience but being in front of a camera/audience is not easy for me! Hmmmm, I think the video is now a) stored away b)burned, or c) sold at a garage sale (poor unknowing buyer).

And the blogger who got it right........Joi! Girl, how did you know? Did I allude to my Karaoke virginity in the past or is the sheer absurdity of me trying to pull off any song by Fergie too much?
Update: G&D also guessed correctly! I swear, you girls know me better than my friends! We're just a step away from making friendship bracelets together........


  1. LOL. It was just a small cringe.
    I forgive you for your Halloween costume sin.

  2. I love you for making my day! Seriously, these stories killed me. Nice work to Joi!

  3. LOL! This is a great post!

  4. What a great post...fun idea!

    I've only karaoked twice...once totally sober I might add...to Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville. I was on a cruise in Hawaii and the activity director suckered me into it. I made everybody sing along with me to drown out my voice.

    The second time was to Charma Chameleon...there was a bit of alcohol involved. And I won a best karaoke of the night award. How scary is that?!?

  5. Oops...my memory is bad...really bad. It was "Do you want to hurt me", not CC like I thought. And apparently I was more sober than I seem to remember. Good thing I posted about it to keep my memories in check.

  6. Glad I gave you all a laugh! I'm always good for that =) Seriously, I couldn't make up these stories if I tried. And I've got loads more!

    OMG, M! Too funny! I immediately thought of that scene in The Wedding Singer when the one guy sings the same song ("Do you want to hurt me"). Right?!

  7. Ha! Thank you, thank you! I'm telling you, FC, I feel like we could be besties in real life!

    Your stories crack me up.

  8. WooHOO!! I got it right! Granted I was a late guesser, but I totally guessed w/o cheating--scout's honor. And now I'm doing a little happy dance in my chair b/c I got it right. I got it right. I got it right. (Can you tell I have a helluva competitive streak?)

    I feel your pain with the glass door. I really do. :( I got up close and personal with mine a couple of months ago. It wasn't pretty.

    Your Halloween couple's costume was great! I love it!

    And I just have to add--I actually DID win a karaoke contest once! But it wasn't for singing "Humps", it was for singing Janis Joplin's "Me & Bobby McGee." I love that damn song, heehee!

    Great post FC--it's fun to find out more about you!

  9. halloween is the one day of the year you get to be someone COMPLETELY different from who you really are... Kudos for embracing that...

    Me? I'm scarred. I despise dressing up for halloween... probably because when i was young my dad was in the Navy and my sisters dressed me up as a girl for 3 years in a row... and dammit I was kinda cute.

  10. This is great info to know.


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