'N Sink (You saw that one coming, right?)

You know you're all "growed up" when you get positively hot and bothered over a new kitchen sink and faucet. Since they're still in their boxes and I can't seem to find them on the Home Depot website, here are stock photos from the Kohler website. Can't wait to install these lovelies:

I've heard that a faucet (much like cabinet hardware) is like jewelry for your kitchen. Indeed. If I could fashion this into a pair of chandelier earrings, I would. The gooseneck arch is perfect for filling up a big pot of water or a Brita pitcher and it has a pull-down spray head. Sweet.

18 gauge stainless steel single bowl sink. We don't have enough counter space for a double sink =( Did you know? The lower the gauge, the quieter it is when you run the garbage disposal and such. That was news to me.
Oooh, shiny.


  1. oh freckles - I knew I did good pickin out our faucet - but seeing you pick out THE SAME ONE confirms it. I hope you love it as much as I do :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Sending that drooling all over they keyboard comment right back at ya girl!

  3. Beautiful choices, girl! Love that faucet!

  4. Such a dork, I love it! :)

    Sooo shiny!

  5. Oooh, home porn! I guess I'm all "growed up" too! :)!

  6. Ok, I'm all about replacing my standard builder grade sink and faucet...if I keep my laminate counters, I'm going with the Kohler Staccato. But I'm really trying to talk Jay into granite counters with an undermount. Love your faucet!

  7. Home porn is right! LOL.

    Katie~What did I tell ya? Great minds think alike, tee-hee =) I want to see yours, too!

    M~ The Staccato is even nicer IRL. I had my heart set on soapstone counters w/ an undermount sink but it's not our forever house so we're going w/ laminate. Hence the drop-in sink. Oh well, at least it's shiny and fun to look at!


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