One of these is not like the others

Taking a break from decor, I'm stealing a fun post idea from that free spirit G&D. While they're not as exciting or hilarious as hers, one of the statements below is NOT true about me. Can you guess which one? (Hey, I didn't say I was proud of all of these =)

1) For Halloween I dressed up as a "Girl Next Door" and DH was Hugh Hefner.
2) I won a Karaoke contest for my rendition of Fergie's "My Hump".
3) I accidently walked into a glass sliding door at my wedding rehearsal dinner.
4) I was once in an Abercrombie & Fitch video.

I hope that after considering these, you'll still have some respect for me............


  1. that is just hilarious - i am still humming to my humps :)

    ok - my guess is #3 but if it turns out to be true then you must share the story!


  2. I'm going to go with number 1 because I hope 2 and 4 are true, and 3 is so something I'd do, that I can't rule it out for sure. Man, blogging just got hard.

  3. #1. Please tell me you wouldn't do that.

  4. I'm kinda thinking #1, but how funny if it's really true!

  5. Hmmm--I say #2.

    When's the big reveal?

  6. P.S. I'm rolling at the V-PILF comment you left yesterday. Figures some DJ would come up with that.

  7. Hmm... this is a toughie! I'm going to go with 1. Can't wait to hear what the answer is! :)

  8. I can so see the liklihood of all of these, you seem like you have the spunk to do #2, the humor to accidentally do #3, and the beauty and flavor to do #4 . . . so I dunno, I'm thinking #1 as well!

    And re: your comment, I love having you as a reader and to be able to read your lil ol blog as well!

  9. Awww, thanks for not losing all respect for me, you guys!! I adore your responses!
    Leah,your heartfelt response especially made me laugh and (dare I say it) even proud of these. LOL. =)

  10. OMG, these are great FC! I won't guess #3 b/c I actually did that myself recently. :P I don't want to guess #1 b/c everyone else did. I could totally see you in an A&F video b/c you're such a stunna. So I'm going to say #2.

    And now I'm going to keep scolling up to see if I'm right. Talk about instant gratification! :D


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