virtual window shopping

What I should be doing: Writing a report for work.
What I'm doing instead: Some virtual window shopping. Bad FC!

As the weather's turning a bit cooler here, I've been craving sweaters.......and by 'sweater', I mean a whole new outfit. I'm no fashionista, but I love mixing casual comfort and glam; bargain pieces w/ high-end (well, "high-end" for me, anyway) pieces. And a shot of color with that perfect accessory is always fun.

longsleeve tee: J. Crew
7 For All Mankind--Nordstrom
My old pair of 7's are 6 yrs old & about to retire =(
Dolman sleeve sweater: Forever 21
earrings: NY and Co.
bracelet: NY and Co.
patent pumps: J. Crew (love these but NOT loving the price tag)
handbag: Nine West

Now, how to sneak a whole new outfit into the house without Mr. FC getting suspicious...........


  1. "and by 'sweater', I mean a whole new outfit"

    LOL! Love what you put together--especially that punch of yellow. Very sassy!

  2. love the whole outfit FC!!!

    oh and if you figure out how to get the outfit in the house - and wear it without comment from Mr.FC, then you definitely need to share that kinda genious with us :)


  3. I love the outfit! Those yellow pumps are devine!

  4. Seriously, you need that outfit. Need it.

  5. FC - I am a lurker and decided to come out of hiding to tell you I love your style (decorative and writing) and have to ask...where did you get the window panels you have in your dining room? I am looking for something very similar, but am having trouble finding something affordable (and long enough). TIA! Deb

  6. Like "anonymous" I am a frequent lurker. LOVE the Forever 21 sweater -- thanks for sharing.

    You have impeccable style.

  7. There I go again, being the shopping enabler =)

    I think I'll slowly incorporate a piece or two, and by the time the whole outfit makes its debut, DH will be none the wiser. HA!

    Deb & Me~
    I am so happy that you 'de-lurked'! The more the merrier =)Thank you for your compliments--you are too kind!!

    The grommet top drapes are from JC We love them. They allow tons of light thru but also provide privacy b/c they're lined. I don't see the exact same ones online anymore but they have some lovely similar ones:

    Happy shopping =)

  8. Oops, sorry that link was bad.

    If you go to and type in 'grommet', it should bring up a bunch of similar drapes.

  9. This is gorgeous! I love the yellow bag!

  10. Um-love it! But you know I would.

    I am really digging yellow lately.

  11. Can I ever relate!

    (To the procrastinating part...not the yellow pumps and handbag part, he he)

  12. i just found your blog and i LOVE it!

  13. To cute, I especially love the sweater!

    BTW, Thanks for visiting.

  14. P.S. Check out my post today :)


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