Say it with an e-card

Taking a break from countertop installation for some comedic relief..............
I first discovered someecards when my friend Kirsten sent me one for my birthday almost 2 yrs ago and blogged about them later here. They really cater to my sometimes twisted, sardonic sense of humor (their logo is: When you care enough to hit send). OK, so they aim to be offensive, but someone's always going to be offended by something someone said. Well, now they're offering witty tees. I don't know if I have the, um, sassiness to actually wear them in public (layered under a buttoned-up cardigan, maybe).

Here are some of the less offensive ones:


  1. you are twisted...and that is why we love you :)

    love the tees - especially the first and fifth one...I actually had to take a second and do the math on that fifth one...then I lol.

  2. wouldnt be brave enough to sport them either. They need to offer prints!

  3. I love someecards, might have to check into the tees.

  4. Love them, but I'd be too chicken to wear any of them.

    How's countertop installation coming along?

  5. I'm definitely not brave enough to wear these!
    Countertop installation is coming along. Taking another break b/c the Hubs ran to HD to get bigger clamps. Contemplating what to eat for dinner since the kitchen's in disarray.
    Hopefully will post a sneak peek tomorrow!

  6. That is hilarious they made them into T's! Love it.

  7. Funny stuff... thanks for the link!

    I used to be a fan of HipsterCards but lately have been enjoying Hoops and YoYo @

  8. LOL, I love it :)

    I had this totally random slutina try to pick me up with the "I don't have any STDs" line. What a winner!

  9. so, so, so funny! i just sent one to a friend! lol

  10. Someecards have been cracking me up for quite some time now, but that's the first I've seen of the one about considering yourself "outdoorsy" because you like to drink on patios. That describes me and some other people I know a little too well!


  11. Tee-hee, I'm so glad we all have similar senses of humor!

    Michael~ OMG, I don't know what's funnier........the word "slutina" or the attempt at a pick-up line using "STD's". That's a keeper. LMAO!!

  12. Hehehehe. I love them as well & don't care who gets offended about them. Life is too short to get offended by stuff like that!



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