See those silver chandelier earrings in the middle?
Well, I wore them out to dinner last night. Mind you, I've worn these around Mr. FC about 52 times already. Last night however, the universe must have been aligned or something b/c they were lucky enough to be noticed by him.

Me: What are you staring at?
Mr. FC: Your earrings...I like them.

Me (delightedly touching them): Awww thanks, honey.
Mr. FC (nodding enthusiastically): They look like silver caterpiller cocoons.

He clearly thought this was the highest of compliments. After 9 yrs of togetherness, I've come to expect random banter such as this, but he never ceases to make me laugh .

And you know what? They do look a bit like silver cocoons.
Love the men-folk's point of view.


  1. Men are so funny. At least he noticed your earrings, that's the important part. Although, I certainly love the silver cocoons comments. That's definitely not a generic, "oh, those are nice."

  2. My mouth is literally hanging open right now! That's hilarious! You got the cream of the crop compliment there!

    Oh and my eyes are blinded by your bling!

  3. yup that's right - sounds like a boy good friend had a baby and afterward her husband said "well the birth was definitely bad. But not as bad as cleanin a deer." boys boys boys :)

  4. Your jewelry box is just lovely. And your Mr. FC is very clever.


  5. I love those earrings!!! I want a pair. :)

  6. LMAO! You guys are so cute!

  7. With a comment that unique - at least you know he's sincere! That's adorable. Made me LOL.

  8. LOL! So cute! And those earings are beautiful!


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