Pssst...Pass It On.

Let me just tell how fun this contest was for me. Firstly, it was my firt post that garnered the most comments ever for my blog--30 comments! I know that's nothing for some of you out there who get 30 comments daily, but I almost threw a parade for myself.

All of you left such sweet and sincere comments that I am now wishing I have 28 prizes to send to each of you. I didn't think that asking you how you found my blog would lead to such very complimentary and kind words. I've said it before and I'll say it again: You all are too kind to think I have as much style and taste as you say I do. Let's just say I was blushing up a storm. THANK YOU!

I was so thrilled to learn more about my readers. I had 28 commenters (some of you commented twice--love it) and 26 "contestants" for Pass It On.

It sounds like a lot of you I "met" thru GoogleReader, DecorPad, and from my old days on the Nest. I guess I should thank them for their "Sorry the Nest is down due to high traffic." (at 1 am--are you serious?!) messages that spurred me to start my own blog out of sheer boredom and frustration.......

And thank you twice over for your suggestions. I promise to keep the eye candy flowing, home decor abundant, and our home improvements abound. Also, I hope to share more "life" posts (you are so right, Ms. Leah!) in the future. And since I got a few requests for more "Hiro" posts, you're in luck because he was my little helper in the drawing of the winners.
The comments all laid out.

Ooh, ooh, pick me.

The furry one is the Contest Judge. He looks thrilled.

Hiro's over it.

And the winners are (sorry to keep you waiting)................

Congrats ladies!! I'm beyond elated that you won! YAY!! Happy dance =)
If you'd still like to participate and collect your prizes, please email me (address on sidebar).
Thanks to everyone who participated in this little ol' contest of mine =)



    {{shakes her booty}}

    You are so awesome (and beautiful, yeesh!) -- I could not be any happier! I can't wait to receive your package, although I think you are being way too generous, I would be happy with just one of your giveaway items! I also cannot wait to 'pass it on' -- too fun!

  2. I love that photo of the dog on it's side...just chillin. it is so funny cause we know what is goin on :)

  3. Yay! I never win anything! How exciting!
    And, I agree with half, you are gorgeous!

    I think I'm almost more excited about "passing it on" than I am to win...almost.

    Thanks so much!

  4. Darn. Haha, can I just tell you how darling you are? Okay, that's all.

  5. Could you be any cuter? OMG.


  6. I sent you an email -- you might want to check your spam folder (it comes from a non-corporation address). I emailed you last week and you ignored me so it's also in your spam or you hate me.


  7. Congratulations, Ladies! Thanks for the Hiro fix, FC! LOL!

  8. Aww, shoot! I was hoping for a win.
    Anyhoo--congrats to the ladies that won--they are super cute and funny, too!

    Also, thanks, FC, for the fun giveaway opportunity!

    And, p.s. your pic with Hiro is adorable--and you are stunning! : )

  9. Ahhh dang, totally bummed I didn't win...but it's ok!!! Such a cool contest! Congrats to the winners!

    I LOVE Hiro, soooooo sweet & adorable!

  10. SO MUCH FUN!!!! Congrats to Vamh and Dr. Erin. And Hiro is too cute :)

  11. You deserve every kind word said. :)

    I love your inclusion of the process via photos. Hiro's such a stud!

    I really thought I had a chance this time, but am happy to see the great winners!

  12. No, YOU'RE awesome =)

    Awwww, there you guys go again, making me all blush-y. I'm really not that cute; the camera must have an airbrush button I accidently must have pressed, LOL. Thank you, though, for your flattering comments!!!!

    Congrats again to the lovely winning ladies, Half & Dr. Erin.

    And thank you to all of you who took part. Wish I could send you all prizes!

  13. Half~LOL! I don't hate you...I just hate spam =) Off to check my spam folder.


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