I've been tagged by the lovely and ah-mazing Jesse and fioretta. It's been a while since I've been tagged--was starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms!

7 Random/Weird Facts about Me:
1) I love getting my eyebrows waxed. Sick and twisted? Yes, but the pain's fleeting (Try not to think about that scene in The 40 Year-Old Virgin.) and I just love the feeling of "cleaned up" brows. SO worth it.

2) The only time I've ever sprained anything (knock on wood) was my ankle in college; I was wearing tennis shoes. All those times I teetered out to the bars in stilettos? No injuries. But the one time I wore athletic shoes (part of a cheerleading costume for Halloween sophomore year--that's another story for another day), hello black and blue ankle! With the assistance of my roomie (also dressed as a cheerleader) and a kind stranger (dressed as Pebbles Flintstone), I lived to tell the tale.

3) Before getting into bed I have to make sure there aren't any shed(shedded?) hairs on my pillow/sheets. It just skeeves me out, even though it's my own hair. This is why I'm a freak and have a lint roller by my bed. I can always feel if I'm laying on a hair--the Hubs can attest to that. I'm like The Princess and the Pea.

4) The day Hiro joined our family, I wasn't there to pick him out with the Husband. I was at home, impatiently waiting for Mr. FC to bring burritos for dinner. He called to tell me that he just had to bring home this adorable (and at the time, pretty sickly) puppy because he couldn't bear to leave him at the Humane Society. My words: "Fine, whatever. Just make sure you have the burritos." 7 years later, Hiro is the love of my life. Mr. FC comes in at a close second =)

5) I majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology (Bachelor of Science). I lovingly refer to this as having a B.S. in b.s. (no offense to any psychologists/sociologists out there).

6) I was raised Buddhist. Husband was raised Catholic. We are non-denominational so we don't practice any particular religion, but still believe there's a greater power up there somewhere.

I voted early. For Obama/Biden. There I said it ;0)

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  1. I'm with you on the eyebrows thing-- I pluck mine at least every other day! (Ew I know but it makes me feel so good!!)

  2. Lol that you only sprained your ankle dressing as a chearleader! Love it!

    And Hiro's story is also quite hilarious!

  3. FC--these are great! I'm now extremely convinced we'd be BFFs IRL. Seriously, girl. : )

  4. Love your random things. :) I wish I wasn't a chicken and could have my eyebrows waxed... I have to settle for plucking, which I do a lot. Although I think I'd like to try threading. Sorry my random stream-of-consciousness talk on your post!

  5. Bwahaha! "I lovingly refer to this as having a B.S. in b.s." -- that cracked me up. And thank you for voting :)

  6. I love the fact that you use a lint roller for your bed - I would never be able to sleep with the heebie-jeebies either :)

  7. Love the BS in B.S. I think I have one of those, too.

  8. Your a total trooper, I had actually went through Cosmetology school and was working in a salon before ever having my brows waxed. It is a true addiction! Love the post girl!

  9. bwahahahahaha! @ "Fine, just bring the burritos!" You sound like me! it's the food that's important, the foood!

  10. LMAO at "Fine, Just bring the burritos." Thank goodness your priorities are in order.

    And can I just say, I squeeled out loud that you chose me.... I've never been tagged for anything!!! Ever....

    I know... pathetic. =)

  11. Funny little facts. I share the eye brow waxing feeling.

    take care,

  12. Oh wow, I'm gonna have to take a little time & think about these! :-)

    Hahaha, I'm right there with you on the obsessive hair removal. I'm not into waxing, but love eyebrow threading (amazing, have u tried it?)& plucking!

  13. I hope my silly but true tidbits made you all laugh out loud =) I heart self-deprecating......myself (whoa, is that redundant).

    I'm telling you, Joi, we're BFF's separated at birth, girl!!

    I keep hearing about eyebrow threading but am too scared to try it. I know, right? It just sounds like getting stitches to me!!

  14. You sooo have to try eyebrow threading...Sooo amazing! It only hurts for a second, really!

    Anyways, I finally did the duty & somehow found some random facts about me, although it's super long!


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