WWMD=What would Martha do?

Just some good things from Martha Stewart:

Vintage vases:
Vintage and new tins are often decorated with charming, old-fashioned prints and lettering. Clean out these containers, and give them a second life as informal flower vases. We filled one with roses, gomphrenas, and sweet peas. The tins are usually watertight and certainly shatterproof, so you don't have to worry about leaks or breakage.

If you want to dress up your bed but find dust ruffles a bit fussy, consider slipping a fitted sheet over your box spring for a streamlined look. Use a sheet that matches those on the bed, or set off a coverlet or duvet by choosing one in a matching pattern or contrasting hue.

Organizing tip:
Retrieving a jar of honey from the back of a crowded cabinet can be awkward. For a simple fix, gather the small items you store on the shelf onto a spare baking tray, then treat it like a drawer, carefully sliding it in and out for easy access. The pan will also catch drips, speeding cleanup.


  1. I love that idea. And I love the WWMD thing too. You are just too clever freckles...way too clever.

  2. Love the fitted sheet over the boxspring idea!

  3. I had leftover tea tins from my sister's tea-themed bridal shower. I use a few as vases for roses from our back yard. some of them DO leak, though. I had a nice rust stain on my bedside table. an easy fix is to cut a sandwich size ziplock baggy to size and place it inside the tin to keep all of the water where it should be.

    and a good place to find them for cheap is Pearl River. they aren't very big, but they look great on a side table or on the kitchen window sill.

  4. Great tips, FC! I do the fitted sheet over my boxspring in our master bedroom and I love the way it looks.

  5. Awesome idea for the box spring, I'm gonna have to try that. I found a tutorial on how to do transfers onto tins, thinking about pimping out the pantry with some old fashioned looking flour and sugar tins - but this is another cute way to use eclectic items!


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