Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you that I'm "one of the guys". I've always had more male friends than girl friends. I can play a mean game of beer pong. When it came time to pick bridesmaids, I wondered how I was going to find enough sistahs to fill the line-up. I think it's hilarious when our single guy friends ask me what I think of a chick ("She looks......uh, smart."). It takes me 30 minutes flat (shower and all) to get ready. My makeup routine typically consists of powder and lip balm.

But I'm still very much a girly girl at heart and that is why photos like this make me squeal with high-pitched approval. The mirrored table, the pink flowers, the rich damask, the framed stilettos. And the Tiffany & Co. boxes! How can a shade of blue elicit such bliss? I'll take that ghost chair, too. Be still my beating heart.

image plucked from decorology