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When my friend Emily over at imperfect (don't believe this blog moniker for a second =o) asked what ideas I had for her office, I jumped at the chance to put together an inspiration board for her. This room has so much potential! Now, I'm nothing compared to those Youngsters when it comes to idea boards, but here I go.
Emily: "So, my biggest complaint about the office is cords, really which definitely limits furniture arrangement. I think this desk either needs to be against a wall for cord purposes, or we need to bring in a small desk with a computer cabinet .......
Budget: We want this to be useable space so we're willing to spend (within our means)........we might just have to do it in chunks.
Multi-functional space: I'd love to be able to use this room for more than just an office.....at the least I'd like a comfy chair to hangout in when escaping from Monday night football.
Inspirations: I'm a PB/ C&B kind of girl - classicly modern - and I love green, yellow and white. I love the floating desk and the green in this one":

To catch you up to speed, here's Emily's current office:

My Inspiration Board #1
working with the current paint color (BM Powell Buff) & pieces Emily already owns:
*click for larger view*
1. The black leaning ladder shelves she currently has are beautiful! The challenge with open storage is how to keep the overall look organized, streamlined and a part of the room, rather than defining the room.
I'm a sucker for symmetry, so I recommend that both ladder shelves mirror each other. Also, by sticking to one style of
storage containers in one or two colors, you won't run the risk of the space looking too "busy". Eliminate any extraneous clutter.
Lastly, I recommend keeping the top tier either empty or accented with a grouping of low profile items, like these
votive holders and these. This way, the shelves don't compete with those great windows.
2. The trio of windows immediately draw the eyes up, so dressing them up with some refreshing, subtley-striped roman shades in coordinating colors would help polish the room.
3. To fill the void space between the ladder shelves, a recycled glass floor vase topped off with some white manzanita branches. The transparency of the glass frees up the small niche visually. The manzanita brances add some heighth and textural interest.
4 & 5. Incorporating a cozy sitting area on one side (right by the fab picture window) will instantly make the space multi-functional. Curl up in the comfy chair, wrap yourself in the warm chartreuse throw and lean into these plush accent pillows. Prop your tired feet up on the ottoman and set your glass of wine on the chic side table. Plus the ottoman provides storage inside for books, mags........more bottles of wine. Everything's slip-covered for easy clean-up--BONUS!
6. A set of white grommet top drapes help keep things light, airy, and modern.
7. The desk area is essential to a home office, yes? I suggest moving that gorgeous desk parallel to that left wall, not only to help hide the pesky cords issue but also to help balance the room (now with its new sitting area). The vintage-looking chair that Em made over, paired with the textured rug she already owns, add the perfect pops of color. A lamp with modern lines would also look lovely (Any lamp whores out there? Raising my hand.) Tip: screwing in small cup hooks on the underside of the desk, then threading the cords through them, could help keep them off the ground.
8. I think two of the damask bulletin boards Em already owns would add some drama and the perfect dose of pattern to the space above the desk. To unify the boards so that they don't look like they're just "floating" there, a wooden wall monogram (found at most craft stores) would round out the arrangement nicely. She does love her monograms =)

Inspiration Board #2
(inspired by the Pottery Barn office)
*click for larger view*
1. With a new vibrant wall color (BM Pear Green), it would be best to stick to just white for the storage containers. Pops of white against a chartreuse background? J'adore.

2 & 3. Being a monogramaholic myself, I love the idea of a vinyl wall letter applied to the space between the ladder shelves. It also provides some visual interest since this wall is so focal. Above are the same shades from the Budget Board.
4 & 5. There are some different items in the sitting area this time around. With the introduction of so much white (by way of the storage pieces and desk), opting for a leather storage ottoman might help break up all the white. A simple striped oblong pillow and ceramic Chinese garden stool (it's like the PB room's twin) would tie into the wall color.
6 & 7. These white drapes have the perfect hint of detail to them, echoing the lines of the ladder shelves and the border trim on the rug.
8. Sure, Em could buy a new white desk (with a storage cabinet to hide those cords?) or simply paint her existing one. Paired with a white banker's chair and a striking chair pad, maybe paying bills would be more enjoyable? Maybe. A stunning lamp reminiscent of the Pottery Barn one glams up the space.

9. Again, leaving the top tier of the ladder shelves empty is recommended. Or pop 3 of these lovely lotus tealight holders on each side for the perfect accent.
10. The linen bulletin board in the inspiration room can easily be achieved by wrapping inexpensive linen or burlap around a large corkboard. A few industrial staples later and you have yourself a board Martha would be proud of. Also, this Eiffel Tower sketch is evocative of the PB room piece for a fraction of the price. Or display a piece that's partial to your own travels.
Do any of you out there have other suggestions/recommendations for Emily?


  1. Lamp whore here! I'm quite the variety whore. Mascara, lamps, rugs, plates, pillows...you get the idea.

    I love what you have suggested in both boards. I especially love the idea of the storage boxes/containers on the floating shelves, they can get pretty visually messy if you aren't careful.

    The only suggestion I have is if Em is really set on the floating desk, perhaps hang a "mistreatment" of fabric with upholstery tacks on the back of the desk to hide the cords to the floor and then place them under a rug. Like this

    Nicely done FC!

  2. I really can't improve upon perfection, even if it's for the imperfect. :)

    Love what you did FC!

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  4. Thanks ladies! I had oodles of fun with this =)

    Half, that is an excellent suggestion!!

  5. I love them both - the wall color on the 2nd is really calling out to me, though, so we'll have to see! I am limited to Florida's idea of high speed internet right now, so I can't wait to get back home and see all of the links. Thank you sooo much, FC, you may just have to swing by to see the afters :)

  6. you outdid yourself freckles...really you did...emily should be eternally grateful :)

  7. Love it! (And I need that damask chair pad!)

    Want to do one for me?

  8. I have no suggestions as I am an organizational mess & am in desperate need of some help! But I LOVE both boards, inspiration board #1 being my fave! FC you are a genius!

  9. Gorgeous! Love the crisp white and apple green!

  10. Seriously. You need to come to ghetto ass Detroit and decorate my ENTIRE house for me. This is beautiful. And I have zero imagination or the time to create such perfection!

  11. FC! Lovely mood boards. They remind me of my office color scheme---minus my pink!

    I love your ideas and am excited to see what Emily goes with!

  12. Love your taste FC! I like the first option best but both options are great! Can't wait to see what direction she goes...

  13. Thanks everyone! I'm so glad you like my ideas and thank to those who left suggestions. Can't wait to see what Emily decides to do with the room!

  14. Mrs. L~ Sure! Anytime! =)

    (I love that damask chair pad, too.)

  15. I love the black and white damask with the green accents! So much fun! I am sure you were ready and willing for that challenge!

  16. Beautiful inspiration boards. I love both of them!


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