All I want for Christmas...... a kitchen backsplash. The Husband is leaving the tile choice entirely up to me--his "Christmas gift", in his words. What a guy.
I spent 3 hours at a local design center drooling, caressing, and crooning over tile samples. I'm positive the design consultants have now joined the ranks of Z Gallerie's staff in their thinking: "Ewww, pervert tile lady." They don't have their samples pictured online, but these are almost identical to my final four.

So help!! I honestly can't decide and need your valuable opinion. Which do you think is right for our kitchen (we're just tiling the wall above the sink)? Thanks in advance!
#1 {shell mosaic tile}
#2 { carrara marble mini tiles}#3 {carrara marble hexagon mini's}
#4 {tumbled marble mini's}