The Big 3-0

I'm turning 30 in approximately 3 weeks.
I don't know how I feel about this. I'm the sort of person who actually hopes that people forget my birthday. Contrary to what this blog might insinuate, I'm not an attention whore in real life. Well, except for that one time. HA!! But really = )

Besides, having a birthday that falls right in the middle of the holiday season usually ensures that the day of my birth is, well, forgettable. Most are consumed with the holiday hectic-ness and/or recovering from it. Which is just the way I prefer it, honestly.

But my impending 30th birthday seems to be on the minds of my friends and family. I've been pelted with 2 questions for the past month:

Question #1: "So, are we going to rock out for your 30th or what?"
Question #2: "So, are you getting knocked up soon or what?"
My articulate answer to both: "Uhhhhhh....."

Because honestly, the thought of "rocking out" makes me want to put on my ratty old PJ's, gorge myself on nachos, and curl up with a good book. And the thought of getting "knocked up", well, that's not going to happen if I'm in the aforementioned state. Mmmmm, nachos and shapeless sweatpants--sexaaay.

You see, we've been casually telling those who have asked us about offspring that we'll try when I'm 30. And our friends and family have freakishly good memories. Well, time's up and I am terrified at the prospect.

So I've decided to claim that this is my 29th birthday and see who I can fool. Kidding. Sort of.
Thanks for listening and I promise to get back to more fun posts soon!!