Card me

I'm picky. Not about everything, just when it concerns clothes and home decor. And since these two categories also qualify as hobbies for me, I'm notorious for answering "Gift card to (fill in store name here), please" when friends and family ask me for a gift wish list. I always catch a disappointed glint in their eyes. Like, well hell, a gift card is so impersonal. Like I took all the fun out of their gift giving. Like they know I don't trust them to shop for me, so it's best if they let me do it myself. OK, the last point is true.

But I enjoy receiving gift cards and giving them. It's like getting 2 gifts in one: you get to unwrap the actual card (because you never quite know exactly which store it's for) and then you get to shop with it.

There really is no point to this post, but I just endured a lecture of how boring gift cards are from some coworkers. Um, I'll gladly take your boring 'free money' off your hands, people.

I'm curious to what are your thoughts on gift cards (receiving or giving)?