My favorite parts of HGTV's 2009 Dream Home.
(Not that I could afford to live there even if I did win it.)
Look at all the quaint farmhouse details!

*sigh* If that's a Viking stove, I think I'm in love.

The perfect shade of terra cotta paint.

Stunning plates!

Ah, the Imperial Trellis makes an appearance.

Love the lines of the coffee table.

This bathroom has got to be my favorite room in the house:


  1. Oh no...I was addict to entering this contest every day this year for the Florida house, and I was CRUSHED when I didn't win. I thought for sure I would redeem myself by winning the Green Home. No success there either. I'm so gonna compulsive about entering for this house now.

    It's stunning!

  2. Ok, I guess it will do. Maybe all of the blogging world can pool our resources to afford the taxes on it. You can find me in the claw foot tub. Or sleeping on the countertops in that fab kitchen.

    Yep, I'm Jan 1. Sad that we're not birthday twins, but definitely close enough - you can share my birthday misery with me.

  3. Oh my gosh that bathroom is TO DIE FOR. It couldn't be more perfect.

  4. that house is amazing! the bathroom - ohhhhh! my jaw is still on the floor. absolute perfection!

  5. Swooooon. I love the porch & porch lights! <3

  6. GORGEOUS! I love it all! Definitely swoon worthy!

    BTW, if you aren't just the sweetest! Love your style!

  7. that bathroom. i die. freckles we will have to share...i get the tub :)

  8. I'm lovin' that tub! And the canopy bed. And the dining room....and everything else. Truly a dream home :)

  9. OMG, that is just stunning! Everything from the wall color, the design of the rooms, the tub, the wood work, the flooring...

    Oh I'm drooling over here...

    I love it!


  10. The green room is my favorite! I want to move in!

  11. That kitchen and bathroom made me swoon. Wow....

    PS - I tagged you on my blog!! =)

  12. Hmmm...I'm not so much a fan of this one. I think their "green" home was my fav.

  13. I have to agree with Joi. It's a little too "done" for my taste. Some lovely stuff though.


  14. So beautiful! If you win, can G and I move in w/you?

  15. I will never be satisfied by another home again. I swear it.

  16. OMG, I am just drooling over all these pics! So friggin gorgeous.

    Someday when I win the lottery, I want a house exactly like this one, SIGH.....

  17. Yes- This house is gorgeous and I am with you I probably couldn't afford to live here either even if I did win it. Gosh, it is all so pretty! I love looking at HGTV's dreamhomes. Have a nice day. Daisy~


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