My 2008 in a nutshell

{A recap of my life in 2008 }

* Finished master bedroom, office, and kitchen (for the most part). If we keep up this rate, our house will be completely done by............2020?

* Quit my job as an event planner/university fundraiser. Decided I prefer to attend events rather than plan them for a living. Went back to my old company but took a different position. Love it.

* Chopped off 7 inches of hair. Hated it. Grew out hair.

*Discovered lychee martinis. Had to wean myself off of aforementioned martinis.

* Started up kickboxing (again) in March. Got lazy. Stopped going in April.

* Started Pilates in June. Got lazy. Stopped going in August.

* Started running (again) in September. Got lazy. Haven't worked out since.

* Completely surrendered myself to the blog world. The friendships I have with you all just make my day like you wouldn't believe. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy days to visit!
{visits }

* Hiro turned 7. He is now considered as a senior mutt. We can soon expect him to eat dinner at 4:30pm, cash out his 401K, and qualify for a senior citizen's discount at places.
*sniffle* I actually got emotional at the vet's office.

* Voted in a historical presidential election.

* Husband was in his first car accident ever. Car was totaled but he and the other lady escaped unharmed. He even bought her a Starbucks coffee. Is that normal?

* Got used to the fact that my Mom has a boyfriend (parents divorced when I was 25). Still think it's weird. I''ll get over it.

* Realized how our friends are truly synonymous with our 'family'. Love them dearly.

* Went bowling for the first time in my life. Brought my own bottle of hand sanitizer gel.

* Allowed 3 weeks of my life to be consumed by the Twilight series. All productivity ceased.
Wondering , what the hell am I going to read now that I'm obsessed with teenage vampires?

Hmmm..........sorry you guys. I guess my life in 2008 really was pretty shallow and snore-inducing.

Well, if you're still with me, here's to 2009!
A happy and healthy New Year to you all. Cheers!