My 2008 in a nutshell

{A recap of my life in 2008 }

* Finished master bedroom, office, and kitchen (for the most part). If we keep up this rate, our house will be completely done by............2020?

* Quit my job as an event planner/university fundraiser. Decided I prefer to attend events rather than plan them for a living. Went back to my old company but took a different position. Love it.

* Chopped off 7 inches of hair. Hated it. Grew out hair.

*Discovered lychee martinis. Had to wean myself off of aforementioned martinis.

* Started up kickboxing (again) in March. Got lazy. Stopped going in April.

* Started Pilates in June. Got lazy. Stopped going in August.

* Started running (again) in September. Got lazy. Haven't worked out since.

* Completely surrendered myself to the blog world. The friendships I have with you all just make my day like you wouldn't believe. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy days to visit!
{visits }

* Hiro turned 7. He is now considered as a senior mutt. We can soon expect him to eat dinner at 4:30pm, cash out his 401K, and qualify for a senior citizen's discount at places.
*sniffle* I actually got emotional at the vet's office.

* Voted in a historical presidential election.

* Husband was in his first car accident ever. Car was totaled but he and the other lady escaped unharmed. He even bought her a Starbucks coffee. Is that normal?

* Got used to the fact that my Mom has a boyfriend (parents divorced when I was 25). Still think it's weird. I''ll get over it.

* Realized how our friends are truly synonymous with our 'family'. Love them dearly.

* Went bowling for the first time in my life. Brought my own bottle of hand sanitizer gel.

* Allowed 3 weeks of my life to be consumed by the Twilight series. All productivity ceased.
Wondering , what the hell am I going to read now that I'm obsessed with teenage vampires?

Hmmm..........sorry you guys. I guess my life in 2008 really was pretty shallow and snore-inducing.

Well, if you're still with me, here's to 2009!
A happy and healthy New Year to you all. Cheers!


  1. My favorite part of the year was when you gave up exercise completely...its like a crime that nobody wants to commit but everyone (including me) does :)

    we love you freckles! Here is to a fabulous 09!

  2. This post is so cute! Awww, I love the Hiro posts sooo much! MORE! LOL! You brought your own hand sanitizer to bowling? Smart Girl! ;) Totally not shallow or even snore-inducing at all! Congrats on your great stats!

  3. I wish I could stop exercising and look like you! ;) Unfortunately I've been a slacker as well... need to get back to a good routine. I smell a New Year's resolution for me...

    P.S. You're not shallow ;)

  4. Hehehe, cute post. I too gave up exercising. I told myself it's because of being pregnant, but it's really because I got lazy. I consider vacuuming and decorating the house exercise these days.

    Happy New Year!!

  5. LMAO, that sounds like a great 08. I can't wait to hear what you do with 09! And, Starbucks after an accident is totally normal - when I was 17 I was plowed into by a teacher at my high school - I called my parents to give them a "Heads up" and my mom showed up 40 minutes later with starbucks for everyone - me, the plower, the plower's emergency ride, and the police officer.

  6. Sounds like a great year! You look great for never exercising! I also chopped my hair, and am now growing it out, and promise to not do that to myself. Can't wait to read what happens in 2009

  7. You can count on me to be a new blog friend starting now. I really enjoy reading your blog. I wonder what my 2009 capture would look like. Your year was normal, and just fine. Your blessed to see another day, thats what I say. I'll B Back!

  8. I'm loving your blog! And...I can't believe how quickly you managed to grow back 7 inches of hair. :-)

    Happy new year!


    p.s. carrera marble mini tiles ;-)

  9. You make me laugh, girl.

    I love that Hiro is cashing out his 401K. =) Happy New Year!

  10. I love this post. You are making me feel so much better on the exercise give up. I've had the 30 day shred dvd on my nightstand for over a month now. It's just sitting there being used as a great paperweight. Last night I actually took it out the wrapping and it made me feel much better. Now on to actually using it.

    So don't worry you're in good company!

    Cute pic of Hiro. My little guy is 7 too and it makes me oh so sad as well.

    Maybe they should both timeshare a condo in Boca?

  11. He he, your work out schedule sounds like, stop, run again, stop. And I wonder why I look like a cow in my latest pics!

  12. LOL--love the recap FC! Hiro cashing out his 401k and getting an earlier dinner cracked me up! Happy New Year!

  13. FC, you're too cute and I'm glad you're my blogging buddy.

    Happy New Year to you, the Mr., and Hiro! : )

  14. Snore inducing I think not! Sounds like a fun year to me, minus the car accident! Love reading your blog, keep up the great posts! Looking forward to 2009!

  15. It sounds like a GREAT year. I hope 2009 will be filled with fun and adventure too (minues the car wrecking kind). And thank YOU for blogging! I don't "know" you, but love to check in on you and read about what you are up to, so it sort of feels a bit like I do.



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