For lack of a better topic to post about, allow me to share photos of our Thanksgiving trip to Playa del Carmen. If you're starting to get unpleasant flashbacks of those family vacation slideshows from your childhood, I will not be offended if you decide to skip over this post and thus my witty narrative =o)

Ahhhh, I could get used to this.

And this.

And this.

What we look like after a few mojitos, several cervezas, and trying to convert dollars to pesos . Whenever I tan, I start to get a shadow of a 'stache on my upper lip. Well, I guess if you didn't notice it before, now you will =)

Me on my 3rd glass of champagne........and the reception hadn't even started yet.
Jen's dress is actually a white bridesmaid's dress w/ gorgeous bustle detailing.
Phi Delta Theta men all grown up and married.
We went on a Mayan excursion towards the end of our stay.
I look terrified. (It really wasn't that scary.) We ventured outside of the resort one night and had dinner & drinks at the most unique restaurant inside a cave (Alux).
The sweet maid must have thought we were on our honeymoon b/c this is what she created for us. A little towel bride.
Buh-bye, Playa del Carmen. Me waving like an idiot. Boys being idiots.