Branching out

After an especially windy day here in Colorado (70 mph gusts), I was scampering around our yard, picking up fallen branches. Then inspiration hit me. Armed with branches and a $2.69 can of spraypaint, I created these. In between signing refinance papers that our broker brought over, mind you (Now's a great time to refinance by the way! We locked in a phenomenal rate just last week.)
I'm not sure what he thought of me running in and out to apply another coat of spraypaint. Eh, the fumes wafting in eventually gave us all a nice buzz.

{poor branches}
{2 coats of Rustoleum spray paint in Colonial Red (glossy)}

recycled glass vase: an $8 find at HomeGoods last summer

white lotus votive holders: Z Gallerie (There's 3 of them & they were on the dining room table up until last month; then I got the itch to move them.)