Burlap brilliance

Burlap: it isn't just for toting potatoes around anymore.
This frugally friendly material can turn oh-so-chic with a a dose of creativity and style.

Emily (my "nearly neighbor/friend of a mutual friend/blog buddy") turned burlap into brilliance. Notice the nailhead detailing. Absolutely divine!

Joi (I like to refer to her as my "sista from anothah mothah" though we've never met in real life) transformed this versatile material into luxury with her DIY headboard for her stunning guest bedroom. You've already seen what Layla at the Lettered Cottage can do with burlap:

{Other fun burlap finds via google and flickr}

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!


  1. (Sigh)

    I love it all.

    Who knew that burlap could be so luxurious?

  2. I saw it used on Myles of Style as window panels. Looked very nice.

  3. I hear ya loud and clear girl...I am on the burlap train too! TOOT TOOT! I love how the texture of it is like super-rough linen. I must do something with it in my home...I just must!

  4. So pretty! I love how Em's and Joi's headboards turned out. And the farm girl in me can't get over those feedsack burlap covered chair seats--too cute!

  5. Girl, I love this post! The headboards are gorgeous! You've changed the way I look at burlap! And that little burlap ottoman with the little frilly border! Ugh, so sweet!

  6. Thanks for the love, FC! Right back at you.

    I loved this project and am seriously contemplating adding the nailhead detailing to mine like Emily did. So chic!

    I ♥ Burlap ; )

  7. OMG FC, that first pic is exactly how I am doing my bedroom, except I went for velvet!! Mirrors and all. I am just waiting for end table. I love that look.

    Love Joi's too. So Chic!

    Great pics!

  8. BTW, the bed in that first pic could be cousins to the Crate and Barrel Collette bed...it's that good!

  9. Thanks! GREAT collection of pictures. I used some on my blog. I just LOVE burlap!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. good read, post more!


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