Hello, sunshine

I adore sunbursts. We have a lightweight one from West Elm above our bed, and I've been searching for one to put over our fireplace in our work-in-progess living room. Damn vaulted ceilings tend to dwarf anything I put there.

While some deem them a bit trendy (they keep making cameo appearances in decor mags as of late), some trends come full circle, don't they? Just ask
Louis XIV aka the "Sun King", for he had a penchant for this sun emblem--I'm relying on 2 college semesters of Art Paradigms here.

I scored this piece for $68 at Home Goods during their customer appreciation sale. It reminded me of this piece that Amy over at Inspirations for Everyday Living posted, of which I fell utterly in love with. Mr. FC looked appalled when I first lugged it into the house. Then he noticed the wood elements and proclaimed it masculine enough.
Whatever works in my favor, I'll take it.
While I know this piece might not appeal to everyone, I just adore its rustic and glam qualities.
(Pardon the brightness of this pic, we're having lighting issues. )