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I'd like to think Mr. FC and I eat fairly healthy (at least in the last 3 years).

1) We've eliminated hydrogenated oils from our diets. No more Girl Scout cookies =(
2) We don't eat fast food. (Unless we're hungover which doesn't happen as often as you might think.)
3) We don't drink soda. (Unless we're hungover which doesn't happen as often as you might think.)
4) We incorporate whole grains, fiber, fish, and greens into most meals.
5) We cook with organic foods when possible.
6) We exercise, wait.............actually, we're really horrible about this.

You all have inspired me with your New Year's resolutions to get back into the workout routine. For the first time since, oh.....Sepetember 2008. Plus I had purchased a 12 visits punchcard last year so I couldn't let them go to waste (all 11 of them).
So, I got home from work Wednesday, tearing through the house while changing clothes. Then I decided that I had better eat a snack before doing said workout. Wouldn't want to get woozy. Well, we were in desperate need of groceries (Mr. FC's responsibility) and there was nothing that could suffice as an "energy snack".

Then I spied the carton of eggnog, in all of its creamy, fattening glory.

And that is how Freckles Chick probably ended up with more calories after working out than before. Gah!


  1. it! You should like me....this working out stuff, there is never enough time I mean I have those DVR shows to watch, my book to finish, naps to take and so on!

  2. Well, Longmont Dairy sells Egg Nog, so I put it firmly in the dairy and therefore good for you category. No?

  3. Oh eggnog! It's such a great temptation! I love the way you wrote this, too--very funny! Very honest... and oh so true.

  4. Jusr glad you didnt hear bubbles in your tummy..My son LOVEEEES that stuff..

  5. I am doing pretty good at the whole no-soda thing...thought it would be much harder than it actually is inspiring to see the rest of your health activities list - maybe next year I can add one of yours to mine :)

  6.'s kinda like celebrating a kick a** workout by woofing down a sleeve of Oreos. Not that I'd know anything about doing that.

    I've been rocking it out this year...I'm down 5 pounds so far.

  7. HeHe! Doesn't it always end up like this..

    Girl, I saw your bikini clad body at that destination wedding and it's fierce!

  8. Oh well, I guess it's the baby steps right? At least I went to the gym instead of just driving near it on my way home =)

    Katie~ Kicking out soda is such an easy thing and it's amazing how much healthier your bod becomes. Fab job! Let's be soda-less sisters.

    Michael~ Rocking it?! You're OWNING it. Congrats on a phenonmenal start--and it's only Jan!

    Suzie~ Aww thx, girl =) I think it was b/c I hadn't eaten breakfast and I had thrown up any food from drinking the night before. KIDDING. I could definitely use some "tightening" up in some spots though, KWIM?

  9. Girl, I envy your eating habits!

    I must add that to my "to-do" list.

    Like Michael, I'd like to think I've been rocking my work outs and I'm down 6 pounds since November. Would've been more if it weren't for those dang holidays. Oh-well--back on track!

  10. You are so good! I am finally coming out of my cooking rut!

  11. haha, I love you! It made my night that you commented on something like 4 of my last posts all at once. ;) Your duvet looks Perfect! What are you talking about?! The only reason mine looks smooth is because it's not a duvet, it's just a comforter. ;)
    Good luck with the working out! That's something I've never mastered. :)

  12. We eat a lot like you guys...hangover food is the same too. :) Oh I wish I could get back into a workout routine - good luck!!! I love your red sticks below too. I saved an idea like that a while back and lost it. thank you for the inspiration.


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