Instead of being productive over this long weekend, I've been whittling away the hours by sifting thru some decor inspiration photos I've amassed over the last year.
The following are my favorites because they're stylish yet attainable looks
(sorry, a few of them are scanned images from my magazines):

I love that the sofa is brown microsuede (much like our tired old sofa--this photo gave me newfound hope for the brown beast) accented by a graphic pillow. The ivory vases above the windows and the berry accents are fun touches.
Velvety gold color on the walls, sunburst mirror, marble-topped coffee table. Love!
Stunning chairs.
Wall of mirrors. Dramatic. Glam. Perfectly positioned.
Kicks my OCD tendencies into overdrive.
I'm more of a modern minimalist but this living room caught my eye.
It just bursts with cozy cottage comfort.
I don't know if it's the quirky fish painted on linen in a mirrored frame, the sari-inspired lamp shades, the ever versatile capiz chandy, or the mix of metal chairs with a wooden farm table,
but I just adore this eclectic dining room.
A bold mix of colors.
Especially love that lovely chair slipcover!
A suspended birdcage filled with ivory pillars. So romantic.
The coziest reading nook by Layla over at the Lettered Cottage. Love the horizontal stripes!
Those drapes are made out of burlap! Who knew burlap could be so chic?
This tiny NYC apartment speaks volumes.
\I almost overlooked that miniscule kitchen due to the luxe look of the rest of the space.
I was drawn to the fabulously simplistic painting above the bed (I wonder if I can replicate this?). The upholstered headboard, nailhead riveting on the chair, and monochromatic mix of blue-greys are such unique details that work so well together. (courtesy of decorpad)


  1. Lovely images - I really like the simplicity of the outdoor scene too. Great finds!

  2. I seriously need that NYC apartment!

  3. yes you can do that painting...please give it a go...and then blog about it! I love art projects :)

  4. Love them all. My mom tore out that 6th photo for me a year ago because it reminded her of the layout in my room. Love it.

  5. So much good eye candy it's hard to pick a fav! I am feeling all inspired!

  6. I love all the nuetral colors in all of them. I've been accused of needing more colors, but after looking at you pictures, I like what I like! They're beautiful.

  7. Causing me to drool imo is very productive. :)

  8. That gold picture with the sunburst mirror is to die for. I am in love!

  9. YOU said it. Key word was ATTAINABLE for me. Some pictures are so far gone in $$$$ that there is no way.. Great choices miss lady!

  10. Happy New Year,

    Love the images and your thoughts on them all. Looking forward to a new year of blogging for all of us :)

    Take care,

  11. Ahhh! You know I absolutely love your eye for details! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Gorgeous pictures FC! I love the gold living room. swoon!

  13. What stunning pictures. The second is my favorite for the same things you pointed out, and I love the look of the tall windows and curtains.
    Oh and then there's that tiny kitchen in the NYC apt. Love it


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