Blue Monday

A bit sleepy this Monday morning. I'm a light sleeper as it is, but I never seem to sleep well on Sunday nights (we're talking maybe 3 hrs if I'm lucky). I blame it on the impending workweek and just knowing my Inbox will be filled to the brim when I waltz into the office Monday morning.

Last night was going to be particularly sleep-deprived as I discovered on my midle of the night visit to the bathroom. It went like this: step, step, squish, sliiiiiiiiiide.

A nice congealed pile of dog vomit was sitting pretty right outside the bathroom. And that is why I was on my hands & knees at 1:30 am, cleaning and disinfecting the hardwoods from Hiro's reversed dinner. Oh well, it's practice for when I start popping out kiddos.

To erase those glorious images from your minds (both the dog vomit & me in labor),
I seriously want to be this guy's BFF if he'll have me.
Paint color is BM Covington Blue (perfect robin's egg shade, not too green, not too blue.)
I covet his collection. *le sigh*