Cozy quarters

{not our house}

We recently had some "acquaintances" drop by our house (I use this term b/c they're the relatives of a friend of ours and they're not my most favorite peeps in this world). Anyway, these aforementioned acquaintances are no strangers to money (*cough* trust fund *cough*) and as we gave them a house tour, they weren't impressed. Eh, you can't win them all. The clincher was when they wandered into our miniscule kitchen and there were outbursts of "Wow! How do you cook in here?" and "Why would they build a house like this?!" I actually laughed at their reactions.

Now I'll be the first to admit that if I had the chance to rebuild our house, I would make the kitchen and bathroom bigger first and foremost. Honestly though? We've always lived in cozy quarters (our previous townhome was 624 sq ft--yep!). And though we were thisclose to buying a bigger place, it just didn't feel like home to us. Our current house is 1600 sq ft (about half is unfinished space so that is on our major to-do list). Soooo we're really living in 850 sq ft of space at the moment. *Gasp* It's not our "forever home" but it's home for now. Living small forces us to live simply: streamline and de-clutter. Also, cleaning's a snap!
Just curious....would any of you lovely readers care to share how big your home is
and if it's your forever home? I promise, we won't judge =0)
*no offense to any trust fund peeps out there!